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The composition of the training

All practice sessions start with 15 to 20 minutes of movement meditation consisting of breathing, posture and gymnastic exercises. This is followed by simple rolling exercises. After that, the non-violent aikido techniques – which we in our school do without any form of acrobatics – are practised in pairs. Lessons for those who have been practising the art for longer also include freestyle self-defence in response to freestyle attacks.

The aim of all the exercises is to develop more and more calm and authority – especially when dealing with difficult situations.

Slowly and thoroughly

Particularly in the lessons concerning basic principles, the rhythm is a bit slower. You spend a lot of time on each individual technique so that you can understand it thoroughly and practise it accurately.

Individual learning rhythm

The atmosphere of peace which is especially evident during the training sessions promotes your physical understanding of the techniques taught; it condenses your concentration and assists your personal training with your own learning rhythm.