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This is an indispensable practice ritual that takes place in Japan the middle of winter. In our dojo, too, kangeiko already has been practised for more than 30 years. Kangeiko means "winter training". This is training that takes place in the coldest season of the year and at the coldest time of the day.

In 1895, Jigorō Kanō, the founder of judo, revived this tradition, which had long fallen into oblivion. This exercise was intended to foster self-discipline and to develop physical resilience in the then unheated dojo. Teachers of other martial arts have adopted this tradition.

Our kangeiko: besides our usual practice sessions, we train for one hour, quietly and intensively, before the start of the day. Singing bowl meditation while sitting or lying precedes the practice session.


Dirk Kropp


3 Month's aikido experience.

  • 22. — 27.01.2024
  • 20. — 25.01.2025

Training times

From Monday to Saturday, every day from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. Starting at 5.50 am, I carry out a singing bowl meditation as a prelude to the training.

Partial participation is possible.


Guests pay €95. Kan-geiko is free for members of the dojo.