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Thanks to an exercise area measuring 230 m2 and its ideal proportions, my dojo invites you to expand from a spatial perspedtive, too.

A place for body, mind and spirit

The design of our training hall combines the functionality of a spacious training hall with the dignified and contemplative character of a well-cared-for mediation room. In Japan, such rooms are called dojos. On the one hand, the "place of the way" is intended to offer you the chance to distance yourself from everyday life and, on the other hand, it is designed to promote a respectful and focused atmosphere during martial art training sessions.

The beauty of emptiness

What strikes the eye is the minimalistic decor: a generously sized tatami area, two sliding doors, a small shelf, a scroll painting with the characters for aikido and a flower arrangement.

White belt

Reduction and simplicity are also reflected in the clothing. In my dojo, everyone wears white suits with white belts. We practice barefoot.