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I have been training people to become Aikido instructors since 2005.

Depending on prior experience and the time dedicated, the training takes 5 to 7 years.

Daily practice is at the heart of this long apprenticeship. Constant and intense training ensures that the trainees gain a profound understanding of the basic exercises and related training issues. At the same time, the trainees learn my teaching and training method - right down to the smallest detail.

In addition, taking care of the dojo is an integral part of the training. Trainees are expected to independently engage with other Aikido styles and with the history of martial arts and to write essays on set topics. I give insights into the organisational work associated with the management of a large dojo, and support trainees' personal development with regularly scheduled meetings.

Besides a certain physical robustness, the prerequisites for training with me are a completed vocational training course and basic experience in Aikido.


Rosmarie ScheiblerChristian Schmidt, Petra Reuffurth, Michael Schroden, Giuseppe Di Guardia