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Rosmarie Scheibler

Aikido teacher, 5th dan aikido

I've been teaching here in the dojo since 2010. At present, I lead the training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Born in the Eifel region in 1981 and raised in Memmingen, I moved to Cologne in 1999 where I graduated from high school. After that I worked as a musician (piano, keyboards and accordion) for five years, during which time I trained to be a sound engineer. For over ten years, I also worked as a piano teacher on the side.

After I had trained in kung-fu in Cologne for several years, someone recommended Dirk Kropp's aikido school to me in 2002. The more I learned about the exercises and the positive effects that had in my everyday life. The more my initial and instinctive enthusiasm for them deepened.  In 2005, I decided to start doing a five-year training course to become an aikido teacher.

During this time, I retrospectively fulfilled my desire to extensively explore this activity with all my senses and powers and with the support of Dirk Kropp within a strictly defined framework. The experiences of this exclusive, highly focussed five-year period have shaped me. When I completed my training, I travelled to Tokyo for a month in 2010. There, I trained daily in the Aikikai Honbu Dojo with Moriteru Ueshiba.

Maintaining aikido as a profession alongside my everyday life with two young children is a challenge. I am particularly motivated by the imparting of more in-depth content in training courses and, again and again, what aikido means to me: the attentive practice of a sovereign, open attitude when dealing with other people, a clever form of self-defence, and a multi-layered form of movement.

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